Brahm Arjarn Suphan Chabairam

Kru Suphan Brahm Arjarn Suphan Chabairam, who prefers to be called Kru Suphan, began his fighting career in Buriram Thailand at the age of 7 years. Over his amateur and professional career he fought over 300 times, winning championship belts at Featherweight and Bantamweight and retiring in 1999. Since then he has been a teacher of both professional and amateur fighters, both in Thailand and throughout the world, presenting Muay Thai as its true art form: a complete fighting system. Kru Suphan is the Head instructor for the Muay Thai Conservation Center in Bangkok, which is part of the Thai Government's Ministry of Sports and Tourism. The goal of the center is to preserve and teach the art to the people of Thailand and any foreigners who wish to learn the true art and the Ancient or Boran styles of Muay Thai.